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Mitu Bhatia

Mitu Bhatia

- Abode An Anthology of Stories

- Promise of Dawn An Anthology of Poems

Mitu Bhatia writes in multiple genres: educational books, nonfiction and fiction. Mitu lives in Pune,she has two daughters who constantly fuel her passion to write. A consummate raconteur, she observes people and her surroundings keenly to recreate these dynamic ecosystems in her stories. She pens her musings in poems, stories and plays.After three decades of teaching, Mitu rekindled her passion for storytelling by composing fiction that taps into significant issues affecting the lives of people, exonerating unsung heroes who navigate life's arduous course on a daily basis. 'Abode', is an anthology of ten short stories.Her second book, 'Promise of Dawn', is an anthology of fifty poems.