Author Branding &
Book Promotion Services

We are reliable, experienced in the field and the best of all – really affordable! You can count on us for the purpose of book and author promotions as we have been doing the same for years. Getting the book reviewed and interviewed is the best way to promote your book and yourself. For authors it is very important that they brand themselves, people are not going to buy books if an authors is not known to them. How to brand? An author must focus on creating their own reader audience. We help authors in creative and effective ways of digital marketing to promote themselves as well as their books; we campaign for the author brand building
and make sure they become a well-read author.

Author Branding Services

We take interest in conducting author interviews and present those conversations to our readers. Author Interview gets published on Blogs/ Website/ Journals as well as on different social media platforms to boost popularity.

An author website is a compelling way to promote, it will surely help you brand yourself as an Author. It is the platform from where your readers will get to know about you and your book. We provide one-year of free hosting and domain with website designing. Our developers will make sure your website looks professional and has strong SEO (search engine optimization).

We are reliable and experienced in this field. And through the means of “Amazon Kindle Promotion”, we ensure you get an Amazon Best Seller Badge.

An author Wikipedia page helps you maintain your online reputation, help you get more exposure, and improve credibility in the ever-so-crowded and ever-so-competitive market.

With the help of this service, we ensure that the voice of the book is heard by maximum people. We have made connections on the literature news platform where articles get published about the books which we are promoting. We will ensure that the news article is written in such a way that it makes an instant first impression upon the minds of the readers and seeks their immediate response – may be in the form of reading the generic review or eventually buying the book.

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Book Promotion Services

Our book reviews strategy is quite simple we have connections with book critics, they will generate reviews which will be shared on Blogs/ Website/ Journals as well as on different social media platforms to boost popularity.

Reviews play a vital role to get the readers’ attention as well as influence them to go for the book. Bulk Reviews can attract and engage customers, increase sales.

Keeps your page active with consistent posts. Get likes and shares for posts, boost popularity of the page. Promotion with custom posters (2 Posts daily).
Social Media Booster: Get likes for your page, mass invites or Shares; boost needed popularity.

We will be creating a video trailer of your book based on the theme of your book, which will be shared on our video channel as well as on different social media platforms. The video trailer will be designed professionally by our team so that it can attract readers.

Host book contests on page or give aways for book promotion. Generates popularity.

Get your book available at Book fairs. Book fairs play a vital role in publishing as it brings authors, publishers, distributors and book lovers together it’s a perfect platform for book marketing.

Selling books online is one thing but many authors struggles to sell it offline. Physical Book Distribution is a service which helps authors to sell their book at stores all over India.

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