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Acharaj De Bhajan

Acharaj De Bhajan by
Suraj Parkash Sethi

Pages: 218, 8x11, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry>Music

ISBN: 9789391301385
Paperback: Rs.465 Rs.250 + Shipping
Ebook: Rs.150 (ebook will be delivered on the release date, 23rd July 2021)


The book titled ‘Acharaj De Bhajan’ is a compilation of devotional songs composed by late Shri Acharaj Ram Sethi and compiled/translated by his son Suraj Parkash Sethi ‘Ambar’which exhibite faith and veneration of a Bhagat/Lover of God Almighty. Composition of Author is an expression of his transparent inner thoughts with fervour of intense and pure love. The reading, singing and listening of these songs devotionally spread auspiciousness all around us.