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The Tale of Tazkaan

The Tale of Tazkaan: A Journey from Turkey to Misr
by Swarnima Sharma Agrawal

Pages: 90, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

ISBN: 9789391301132
Paperback: Rs.249 Rs.159 + Shipping
Ebook: Rs.85 (PDF, will be delivered with in 24 Working Hours)


"The Tale of Tazkaan" is all about a magical adventurous journey of a hidden treasure and elixir. In which a potter named Tazkaan met a magician who tells him everything about treasure and elixir which he hid in the Castle of Misr, he gives him a map and tells him to find it taking help from the map. Accordingly, Tazkaan goes on a peregrination in search of a treasure and elixir from Turkey to Misr with some rivals. Following the map, he starts his journey from Ankara (Turkey) to Mediterranean Sea, and then to Alexandria and from there to Al-Jizah (Misr). During his journey, he encounters many delusions, obstacles, vicious people and a grotesque lady and he even loses his map during voyage. Now, it would be interesting to know that without map where his destiny takes him and how he reaches the castle or it would be his rivals who get the trove before him.