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When The Tree Weeps

When The Tree Weeps by
Guna Moran

Pages: 118, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

ISBN: 9788194397946
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A wholesome effort is made to express universality of the world we live that is enriched with the wisdom of truth and reality. The humility and commitment of the poet is reflected in the use of easily comprehensible expressions that are capable of touching and enthralling the heart and soul of the readers. Rather than playing a game with words in the name of poetry, the poems included in the compilation demands the exploration of source of eternal loss-win for humanity alongwith the path of upliftment. Such heartful effort can always be expected to transform poems into a majestic resource for mankind. The poems in the collection appear to have succeeded in bringing innumerable waves of echoes and resonances getting automatically hummed in the heart of the readers.