Self Book Publishing Services

Literatures Light Publishing provides cheapest self book publishing services to new emerging Indian Authors in India. We are helping writers to become self published authors. We have book publishing services which full fills the requirement of becoming a self-published author, feel free to contact us for your queries. Also, we have included some book marketing & author branding services which you may not
get with other book publishers. Please register to get started.

Our editing team will go through the complete manuscript of your book; they will fix grammar, spelling, punctuation and other issues in it. Also they will check for redundancies to get your book into the best possible shape for readers. Our editors understand that the value of a document depends on its ability to attract the reader and to convey the intended message you actually want. During this process our editing team will provide comments regarding changes which they make or suggest.

Charges for basic copy editing service starts from Rs.0.20 per word.

We provide authors service of Comprehensive Editing & Proofreading; this service includes multiple rounds of editing and consultation with your editor. Your editor will provide a comment on your manuscript discussing larger issues in your book (if any); which includes different aspects for overall success of your story (plot, pacing, characterization etc).

Charges for Comprehensive editing service starts from Rs.0.40 per word.

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